MaKey MaKey Musical Instruments

We did it! This week in 6th grade we finally finished the Wacky Musical Instruments using the MaKey MaKeys.  Thankfully we did not have to worry about dried-out Playdoh this time. (For our previous project, the video game controllers, several groups attempted to re-wet the “doh” with paintbrushes. This was only partly successful.)


All of the musical instruments incorporated standard conductive materials: empty cans, aluminum foil, pennies, paper clips and of course, humans. Building supplies included mostly cardboard boxes, foam meat trays, poker chips, straws and popsicle sticks, held together with “lots and lots of duct tape,” according to one student. They also nearly exhausted my supply of hot glue mini sticks.


Once again the gold star award for design goes to Kristen and Hannah! I love their thumb holes for staying connected to earth and the artistic flair with which they decorated the keyboard. Their video demo is here:  “Sounds of the Rainbow”

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